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Real estate development

The DBS Group Property Development Department is there for you, whatever your project in Switzerland may be. Whether you want to build on a new site, convert a commercial property into a residential building or ensure the commercial success of your promotion, we will adapt to meet the needs of your project, doing our utmost to ensure that all runs smoothly.

We bring you

Support for your project, from the design stage to marketing and final operation.  We work with top-level partners, enabling us to follow your project through until the property is marketed, whether by being sold or rented as an investment.

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Développement immobilier Verbier

Process of evaluating your property:

Market research

We start by analysing the target market for your project, namely:

  • The location and its surrounding area
  • The development of the demographic profile
  • The development of soft mobility in the area
  • Local and regional economic development
  • Competitive intelligence
  • The tax position

This first step will allow us to determine:

  • The target-clientele
  • The optimum product
  • The ideal layout
  • Modern facilities and environmental measures
  • The average rental and/or sale price
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Développement et valorisation immobilière Verbier


We will obtain all the town planning approvals required for the development of your project.

  • Preparing the land: zone change, local area plan, rights of way, solving specific problems
  • Financial plans
  • Choosing the architect and technical consultants
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Tendering for and selecting construction companies
  • Negotiating funding
  • Devising the marketing strategy


Once the permits have been received, the site opens! We will coordinate the various stakeholders with respect to quality, deadlines and costs.

  • Site supervision
  • Financial monitoring and cash flow
  • Accepting the works and managing guarantees
  • Preparing for use

Marketing process

Implementing the Marketing Strategy

Creating a dedicated website and preparing a sales file comprising:

  • Plans
  • Construction data sheets
  • 3D visuals
  • Surveyor’s workbook
  • Description of services


Devising a marketing action plan and retroplan. Creating advertising materials.

Selecting Buyers

Checking and selecting interested buyers, the choice being based on legal and financial assignment criteria specific to each Client.

Signing notarised deeds and accepting the apartments

Signing promises to sell.

Signing final sale agreements.

Representing the Client on acceptance of the apartments.

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