Administration of Condominiums

Real estate management of condominiums

On your behalf, we take care of the administrative, accounting and technical management of your jointly-owned property. We take on the entire supervision of the property that you assign to us.

Administrative management

  • Holding the general meeting of joint-owners
  • Keeping the minutes
  • Sundry correspondence
  • Dealing with disagreements between joint-owners
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Chalets de montagne en co-propriétés

Technical management

  • Monitoring works and refurbishments
  • Handling claims
  • Tenders to companies
  • Arranging caretaking services
  • Managing insurance and maintenance contracts

Financial management

  • Keeping accounts and respecting budgets
  • Preparing breakdowns of charges and closing the accounts
  • Auditing the accounts
  • Paying bills
  • Proposing allocations to the refurbishment fund
  • Ensuring financially streamlined management
  • Recovery proceedings
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